The language is an extraterrestrial virus

And in general, the fact that in this industry work with material that gradually changes over time (sometimes in a matter of weeks or days, if we talk about things as different as terminology databases of clients, or perishable information as critical of) Hotels and restaurants, products offered on a platform of e-commerce, etc.), and thus what was once can no longer be equal. I think that we call future. And paradise is exactly like where you are standing right now, only much, much better. Of course, first and foremost used to be different, right? Some translators tended to be burned at the stake! I wonder what some will think on the matter of my frustrated colleagues. No longer does (not literally, at least), but I can not stop thinking that still crosses to people by the mind. I guess that it is the reason why a text through different processes after the translation, editing, review and QA. Perhaps William Tyndale needed a quick QA just before delivering his translation of the Bible…
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